Spiritual Healing

By Carol Sheridan

Director of Sheridan Accountancy Services Limited, Chartered Certified Accountants and Amritha Limited - Hypnotherapy and Personal Development.

Healing can be thought of as energy being channelled by one person to another. Spiritual healing is not the same as Reiki but it is similar.

For me I first noticed that I had a healing gift  when I would be with someone who was not well my hands would tingle.  This was my sign that I should get to work.  This can be done physically (hands on healing) or through the aura.  It can also be done simply through prayer and the person may never know that they are being sent healing.

Spiritual healing is most natural, safe and has been done for millennia. There is nothing supernatural about it.  Think of a mother and her child. A mere kiss of mum can make the child feel better.  A rub or a hug.  It is simply the love that is being passed from one to another.

Similarly when we give healing we are channelling one of the most powerful things in the universe.  Unconditional love.

Think about love for a moment..  Really think about it.

Remember what that feels like in the body.  Focus on it.  To experience that place within yourself  you have to turn the mind off.  To truly experience it at the most deepest level the mind has to be turned off.

This is the place where some of the greatest healers do their work.

People who receive healing may experience it in many different ways.  Some people feel heat, tingling, movement, energy, see colours and some experience nothing at all. 

The more relaxed the recipient is the more likely it is that the healing energy will be effective in giving relief.

Spiritual healing is safe, natural and open to everyone.

Spiritual healing is offered in most Spiritual Churches and organisations for a freewill offering.

 There are many ways for you to find out about not only receiving healing but being a channel of healing energy yourself.

It has been my experience and belief that if you take one step towards finding your own spiritual path you will be guided 

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